Show Rules

The following list of rules has been taken from a complete set of IBSC Horse Show Rules. If you have any questions about rules, or if you would like to request a copy of the complete set of general or class rules, please contact Roger Wade at 618-259-4918 or Dwight File 618-465-4767


Please remember our rules are designed and put in place for the safety and fairness of ALL exhibitors, visitors and horses so that we may all have an enjoyable show season. Any complaints should be filed with no less than 3 horse show committe members.

Abuse of animals is not allowed


No spurring in front of the saddle


No hitting in front of the saddle


May hit on the side of neck for speed, but not to aid in a turn


Western or English attire and boots required in the arena


Collared shirts required when showing


No ball caps


Entries close after last run of previous class


No refunds


Judge's decision is final

Lead Line class riders must be 6 and under, and can not show in any other classes. Must be led by someone 18 or over


Pee Wee classes are exhibitors up to 10 yrs of age as of Jan 1

Youth classes are exhibitors age 11-15 as of Jan 1

Senior classes are exhibitors age 16 and older as of Jan 1

Open classes are exhibitors of any age.  (except Lead-line exhibitors)


Horses must be under control at all times. Exhibitor may be excused at the judges discretion.


All horses must enter Grand Entry. Exhibitors arriving after Grand Entry will still pay the entry fee


Entry Fees are indicated on the show bill


Exhibitors will be called to the gate two times and then the class will be closed. If you have a tack change please let the announcer know ahead of time.


Horses 5 yrs old and younger may be ridden 2 handed with a D-ring, O-ring or bosal. Horses 6 yrs old and older must be ridden 1 handed with a shank type bit. Horses shown with training aides will be judged accordingly


All members must work one show in order to receive year end points and awards. Please sign up at horse show office for the show you would like to work.